Environmental Graphic, Identity, Photography


Sensorium360° is an exhibition of South East Asian and Asian contemporary Art that calls upon the complexity of the human senses and explores how sensory experiences locate us in understanding the world and knowing the self.


To visualise and capture the complex essence of something as abstract as senses. Within the limitation of exhibition graphic, how can we activate the space to trigger more emotions and experiences beyond the realm of visual perception?


The solution is a tangible wall made of spandex, plywood and LED light protruding from the wall surface as if in the process of emerging into the three dimensional world. The wall title was then photographed to be used as the key visual for the collaterals that evokes the desired optical illusion of such process. Simultaneously, the three dimensional then in turn transforms into the two dimensional..

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Exhibition key visual
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Exhibition Graphic
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3D Title Wall
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Artwork Caption
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Stage Event
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Outdoor Banner
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Brochure and Invitation
© Singapore Art Museum 2014
Curator: Joyce Toh
Head of Exhibition Design: Heleston Chew
Graphic Designer: Quinny Vu
Internship designer: Tytus Yu, Dayyan Leng