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Travel through time and space with our limited-edition Passport to the Moon. Dont miss any stamp as you make your way around Imaginarium: A Voyage of Big Ideas.

Dress the tots in their very own Imaginarium t-shirts as they traipse through the exhibition! Stop by Moonroom to learn how to create your lunar rocket and write a letter to the moon. Finally, don't forget a must-have for all master doodlers – your very own Imaginarium pouch and colouring poster!
Come discover and explore realms of new possibilities through your very own personalised passport and work your way to being a fully certified citizen of the Moon – a Moonwalker! 

In collaboration with Programme and Education team.

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Letter to the moon
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Moon Passport
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Collect your stamps at Imaginarium
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Tee for your tots
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© Singapore Art Museum
Curator: Tan Siuli, Rachel Ng
Head of Programme: Tan Shir Ee
Educator: Wang Tingting
Head of Exhibition Design: Heleston Chew
Lead Designer: Quinny Vu
Support Designer: Stephanie Wong