About Curiousify

One of the most common question people ask me is "Why you are so crazy about design?". Trust me, I ask myself that question everyday.

Let me tell you a bit about me. The earliest childhood memory I can recall is my grandma groceries store in a wet market. My kind of environment was the smell of fresh vegetables and meat merged in the morning crowds noise. Everyday I helped grandma making paper bags to package coffee beans, stocked up shampoo and washing detergent bottles, then nicely put price tag on each of them. My playground is the storage, where I played hide and seek with my cousins and build castle with packages of sanitary pads.

At my grandma house, we sold everything and serve everyone. Each customer carried a story. I always stayed quietly behind and listened to my mom talking with them, sometime she gently reminded that they still owe us some money from last purchase. Some are poor, few are rich, they had laughter, they had anger. In their eyes, there were sorrow, there were miracles.

My favorite duty is wrapping gift box. I had to wait till grade 3 that my aunt let me handle this honor job. I love watching a girl around my age carefully chose a pencil case and pick floral paper. I like to see a housewife talk nonstop while selecting new pair of socks for her son's birthday. Making things prettier is a joy. Watching people appreciates it is a bless.

Human is so interesting, and life surround us is so beautiful. Slowly, I figured out I didn't love design. I fell in love with life. At first, design helped me creating pretty things. Then it showed me how to change people's life. Designers in the past built products which made my life so much easier. And today, new designers all around the world teach me to be sensitive with tangible experience.

Let's pick up a magazine and wonder why it's so readable. Let's open an app and admire how much thoughts they put in every single interaction. Let's step in a holistic space and listen to your body react to the surrounding. Let's travel and explore how design shape culture and society. Isn't it beautiful? How can I not fall in love?

I'm so blessed to turn my passion into my career. But sometime in the midst of chaos, we forget why we chose it at the beginning. So welcome to Curiousify. This is my mind-groceries-store. Here's my humble journal where I store random thoughts and observation on anything related to design. So let's stay curious with life and human. Let's fall in love with each other, again and again.